This year’s goal is to develop a high-performance devkit using one of Canaan Kendryte’s chips based on RISC-V.

While the current devkit is optimized for ultra-low power usage, the next iteration of our devkits focuses on high performance.

We got feedback from folks at Hacker News and Hackaday , a lot of people were interested in the device that will be able to do multi-object recognition with 4k/60 fps video stream, and with the current AI accelerated video chip market being where it is right now, the Kendryte is the logical setup to use for this project for RISC-V.

The Spec We Aim For

With chips like K510, it is possible to achieve real-time detection of multiple objects (traffic counting, accident detection, object avoidance.) More importantly, this chip class is manufacturing-ready and can be used in real-life development without switching between devkit and production chips. If you want to develop something using a camera and juicy AI chip, hit us up :)

While devkits are awesome , we aim to show an actual demo project using edge computing, and we choose Inventures as our platform for May 30. We will showcase an interactive stand-alone hardware platform that helps physical businesses to remove friction in stores.

Onboard SoC Kendryte K510, Dual Core RISC-V
CPU Frequency 800MHz
Camera Interface MIPI-CSI
Night Vision Yes
Stock Camera Sensor IMX219
Video Resolution 8MP - 3840x2160
Raw Video Frame Rate 30 FPS
Video Encoding H264 @ 30 FPS
Available RAM 2Gb
Available Storage 4Gb eMMC
External Storage SD Card
Sensors Light Sensor, Passive IR (Motion Detection)
Connectivity WiFi, USB-C
Power Options USB-C with backup battery

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