The main goal of this product is provide seamless and straighforward monitoring option for users who need to know state of their roof during the most harsh conditions.

The product’s goal was achived in under 9 month from sketch to the first manufacturing batch. During the 9 month period, the product went through a number of revisions achieving the customer’s goal of being delivered in a short time.

Camera allows users to monitor status of their roof and outside weather conditions and their remote residence. The camera can sustain on a single battery charge for up to 9 month, and then it will recharge itself with the onboard solar panel.

Waterproof Camera Front Photo

Waterproof Camera Side Photo

Waterproof Camera Isometric Photo

Waterproof Camera Top Photo

Solar powered

A small solar panell allows the camera sustain itself through the whole life of the product and send HD quality photos all year around.

Low powered

By opmizting the hardware and the battery, the camera can now fully perform for months wihtout the need to be charged

ESP32 MCU Chip

By aiming to use easily accesible chips during the design stage, the manufactirng of the camera will not be affected by persisting supply-chain issues.

Manufactured to last

Lexan UV resistant plastic will allow the camera to last for many yesrs, maiziming ROI for the customer on this product’s version.

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