Tokay Lite is an advanced AI camera platform and ESP32-based development board packed with features for a wide range of applications.

The project is fully open sourced:

And featured on CrowdSupply:

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for Plug-and-Play workflow.
  • Powerful, AI-capable chip with 8MB FLASH and 8MB of external RAM.
  • Low power and high-performance modes of operation for different power budget scenarios.
  • Nightvision support and onboard IR LED illumination.
  • Light and motion sensors to monitor the environment.
  • No-code configuration UI for easy project setup and fine sensor tuning.
  • Integrations with major IoT and AI platforms: AWS IoT, Edge Impulse, ThingsBoard.
  • Generic configurable integrations: HTTP and MQTT, accessable right from the embedded web server.
  • Opensource SDK and examples.

Ready to get started?


Onboard MCU ESP32-S3
Sensor Interface DVP
Stock Camera Sensor OV2640
Image Size 0.3MP/2MP/3MP
Image Formats RGB, JPEG
Frame Rate Up to 15 FPS
Night Vision Yes
Sensors Light Sensor, Passive IR (Motion Detection)
Connectivity WiFi, BLE
Memory 8MB Flash, 512 kB + 8MB RAM
Software TF-Lite Micro, esp-dl
Interfaces SPI, UART
Battery Connector JST-PH (2mm pitch)
Power Features Programmable External RTC

Multi-Purpose Edge AI Camera Devkit Front Photo

Edge AI Camera Devkit Timelines

This advanced device is packed with features that make it perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking to secure your home or business, monitor wildlife, or keep an eye on your crops, this camera has got you covered.

AI and Sensors

The key features of this camera is its onboard MCU and sensor interface, which allow for edge AI processing. This means that the camera can perform real-time image analysis and decision-making on the device itself, without the need for a separate computer. This makes it an ideal choice for security and surveillance, where fast response times are crucial.

Wildlife Monitoring

The AI camera is also perfect for wildlife monitoring. Its night vision capabilities and motion sensors make it ideal for capturing detailed images of animals in low-light conditions.

Agriculture Technology

In agritech, the bult-in edge AI capabilities can be used to analyze crop growth and detect potential issues such as pests or disease. Its motion sensors can also be used to monitor wildlife that may be damaging crops.


And that’s not all - this camera’s advanced features make it suitable for robotics as well. With its advanced sensor interface, and connectivity options, it can be used as a sensor and decision-making unit on a robot, providing real-time visual data, performing visual recognition task and even controlling the robot’s actions.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a professional AI developer, a security expert, or just looking for an advanced camera for your next big project use, this camera is the perfect choice for all your needs!

Edge AI Camera Devkit Isometric Photo