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Industrial cameras to solve your business challenges using computer vision.

Cameras and Computer Vision For All

We provide the support material to reduce the entry barrier for all folks who are looking to start using the technology.

Easy Setup

Do you have a solution and just want to import your code to the device? Our cameras are designed to work in any software or hardware environment.


Have a remote facility that needs monitoring, but no internet? Do you want to use spectral or thermal sensors with AI cameras? We can help.

Building Future Together

Every project is different, and each problem is unique, so tell us the challenge you are facing in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, construction, or other business and we can see how computer vision can help.

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Industrial camera




Using computer vision for manufacturing and other industries can help with productivity.

How Can Industrial Cameras and Computer Vision Support Your Growth?

Computer vision equips machines with the ability to visually analyze and understand their environment. This involves training computers with numerous images so they can identify and monitor various components, detect product flaws, guide robotic systems for precise assembly or material handling, and ensure quality control.

Our technology enhances efficiency and accuracy in production lines, enabling automated systems to perform complex visual tasks, from inspecting parts for defects to guiding machinery in assembling products, much like a skilled human worker would do visually.

Manufacturing, agriculture, construction, logistics or sustainability, our Tokay cameras will move your business to the next level.

Our Products

We share development of products and code, schematics, and other documents. Our products reflect our goals and values, we want to share our knowledge and help other people with projects that involve computer vision, AI, cameras, greentech, and IoT.

Edge AI esp32 camera

Tokay Lite – compact

Looking for a programmable camera? Tokay Lite is a fully open-source camera that be tweaked and adjusted for each case. Edge AI capabilities using ESP32.

Wifi gateway to connect cameras

BClick – WiFI gateway

Do you want to connect multiple cameras? Our gateway can connect using our Rainforest IoT platform or it can be programmed to work on your software.

Tokay Pro - high performance camera

Tokay Pro – fast and modular

Do you want to use multiple sensors at once? Tokay Pro is our most powerful camera, using an NXP chip it can perform the most demanding tasks.

Our cameras work with:

Real Time Monitoring

Object (100+) Tracking

Solar and Batteries

Industries We Cover

Designed from the bottom up, our industrial cameras can be applied to a range of industries. The most common application areas are:

Manufacturing factory and robotics


With a single click, our cameras will be fully integrated with your system.

Automotive AI analysis of a street


High performance cameras with Linux integration using NPX chips.

Using cameras for recycling


We can help with recycling, food production, and wildlife monitoring.

Maxlab about us

Why Maxlab

Our industrial cameras are designed with business in mind. Fast setup, easy integration, no fees, our edge cameras provide a solid starting ground for your next project. We also can provide a support platform that works as a intermediary between your system and our cameras. Rainforest IoT makes connecting cameras as simple as possible.


We are a small and dedicated 7-person team that is extremely excited with the opportunity to work on electronics.


We are remote-first team and our employees and contractors are all around the world.


We will ask a ton of questions, and then more, and more, and more, until we are sure that what we do works for you.


We use C++, KiCad, and assembler just as much as Altium and Rust, so the project will always dictate the tech.

Latest Blog Posts

Here we capture the latest developments in computer vision and share our findings on how the technology be applied to different industries. Also, we write about our own edge camera tech, software, and other projects.

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Would you like to know more about cameras and computer vision tech?

What does Edge AI, computer vision, machine vision, and Industry 4.0 mean? If you are wondering how a can business benefit from computer vision, give us a shout and we can see if there are any areas where vision technology applies.

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