What is Indoor Asset Tracking and How It Can Benefit Your Business?

Using app for asset tracking

The use of indoor asset tracking software and hardware is a way to monitor the location of assets within a building. This type of technology has become more common in recent years and is used by many different industries, including healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

What are the Benefits of Indoor Asset Tracking?

Indoor asset tracking is a technology that allows companies to find assets indoors and to improve workplace safety. It can be used to track inventory, optimize space, and provide valuable insights about the workplace.

The benefits of this technology are as follows:

  • Provides real-time data on the location of assets in the workplace
  • Improves safety by reducing the risk of people getting injured while working in a dark environment
  • Reduces accidents by providing clear visibility to all employees and visitors on their way through a facility

How Do I Track My Assets with an Indoor Asset Tracking Tool?

An indoor asset tracking tool can help you keep track of your assets in a more efficient way. With an interactive map, you can see where your assets are in real-time and get alerts when they’re out of place! Using the web interface tool you can set up different zones and receive alerts when your assets leave or enter a specific zone. You can also monitor your space usage over time, getting various insights on your asset movements and space utilization automatically.

How does an Indoor Asset Tracking System Work?

An Indoor Asset Tracking System is a system that is used to locate and track assets in an indoor environment. It uses wireless beacons to pinpoint the location of the assets in a building.

The Indoor Asset Tracking System makes use of indoor mapping software to create maps and floor plans of the building. These maps are created using the data collected by wireless beacons installed on walls, ceilings, or other stationary locations inside the building.

Why You Should Invest in a Asset Tracking Solution for Your Business

With the indoor asset tracking platform, you will gain valuable insights for your business and prevent costly mistakes. The app is designed to solve all of your problems with managing your assets. The app tracks pallets, racks, and other inventory items in real-time with a simple scan of the QR code. In addition to that, it allows you to create custom labels for your assets so that you can track them.

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